Bloody Bastille Moon Trailer and Testimonials

by Duke on July 14, 2012

The first story I’m gonna tell you is called “Bloody Bastille Moon.” It’s the story of a very special Bastille Day. I’m very proud of how the story came out. It’s got everything: heart and drama and blood and tragedy, all played out on the mean streets of the city.

I made this trailer. Yeah, private dicks need lots of skills these days, and I intend to master them all. There’s more to me than a big gun and a half-empty bottle. You’ll see.

Here’s what one stunned reader said:

“Jesus. Wow.” – Sean M.

Another said,

“The things I have read . . . cannot be unread.” – Cory S.

Exactly. That Bastille Day changed things for everyone. Forever.

Go read the whole thing. For free.

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